WMP Tag Support Extender (FLAC, APE, and Vorbis Metadata)

Support Extender
| WMP Tag Support
Extender expand support of artist, title, etc. (“metatags”)
information in Windows Media Player.

It adds support of APE tag format (read & write), FLAC
MetaData (read & write), and OGG Vorbis Comments (read-only).

You can then extract the information save in your files and
modify it directly in Media Library.

No need to use an external program, you manage your library
with just ONE tool !

It supports :
– Monkey’s audio (*.ape)
– MusePack (*.mpc)
– WavPack (*.wv)
– OptimFROG (*.ofr)
– FLAC (*.flac)
– Vorbis Comments (*.ogg) <- READ-ONLY


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