Online Petition for Xbox 360 DivX Support

Online Petition for
Xbox 360 DivX Support
| “…There are also plenty of DVD/DivX players
currently for sale on the market. Why should the Xbox 360, potentially the hub of
our home entertainment centers lack this vital link the chain?…”

the Petition Here

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9 thoughts on “Online Petition for Xbox 360 DivX Support

  1. Hahahha, that’s hilarious!! I wonder if there’s the same thing going around regarding the Ipod Video 😛

  2. I doubt they will care but I signed it anyway. The xbox MCE team has already shown they are very out of touch with their customers (comments on how nobody is selling dvd’s with divx come to mind), so I doubt this will really interest them regardless of how many signatures it dose or does not get.

  3. I agree about h.264. Basicaly my take on this is that anything I can play back in MCE should be exstendable regardless of the format. That should be the true power and claim to faim of ay exstender.

  4. DivX is the most important from the average consumers point of view.

    What I’m more interested in is the ability for third parties to write the decoders, then the consumer can purchase them, download them via Live! and have them installed.

  5. That would be pretty interesting but if getting something on live is anything like say getting a module into spotlight most developers and certainly those doing things like xvid Will probable pass.

  6. Well idealy we need about 100,000 – 200,000 signatures so that there is a decent ammount of signature vs 360 sales. Apparently Xbox has shifted over 1million consoles in the US and Europe since launch and that number is growing daily.
    Good news is i’ve had over 140 signatures in the past 20 hours

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