The Media Center Show #39 – Awards

Media Center Show #39
| 29th December 2005 (1hour 19mins 50secs) MP3
– 27.4MB (Download Here)

week Ian Dixon hosted The
Media Center Award Show with Thomas Hawk.  Both of them review the winners and have some
special guests joining them (including me!). 
A big thanks to Orb Networks
for supporting the awards and supporting the show in 2005.

Now, for the two that I covered….

Winner – Best
Enthusiasts Media
Center Blog

Thanks to everyone who voted in the Media Show Awards!  I’m happy to say that my blog won the award
for “Best Enthusiast
Media Center
.  I would like to thank Thomas Hawk, Ed Bott, and Tim Coyle for also running great
blogs.  Since we all pick up so many
different posts from each other (part of what blogging is all about), no one
would have been able to win this award without all of us blogging!  Thank you to all won voted and to the
excellent competition in this specific category.

Winner – Best Community Resource

Again, thanks to everyone who voted in the Media Show
Awards!  I’m very happy to say that The Green Button has won the award
for “Best Community Resource”.  I know that we have had some apparent
issues that need to be fixed, and I promise that 2006 will bring a much need upgrade
to The Green Button.  Thank you for everyone who voted in the Media
Center Show Awards and thanks to all the competition.

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4 thoughts on “The Media Center Show #39 – Awards

  1. What would you expect – the awards were a pathetic attempt… With so many other utilities, blogs, communities not even listed or mentioned… Even when the site author was contacted to point out the many mistakes, no replies… Lame pathetic attempt, and all respect lost for his blogs / shows / comments / views

  2. JustMe – I did get feedback on items missed and added them on
    The way I did it was I asked for nominations on the show so it something was missed it was because it was not nominated
    I would love to feature what ever I missed on the show. Just drop me an email ISDixon at

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