The Media Center Show #37

The Media Center Show #37 | 15th December 2005 (1hour 1mins 55secs) MP3 – 21.2MB (Download Here) This week Ian Dixon talked with Marty Holloway from, a company specializing in high quality audio amps for Windows Media Center. Also an interview with Cathy Page from KMS Software about some of there fun products for Media Center including World Trivia and MCE Sudoku.  KMS Software also brings 10 copies of MCE Sudoku to give away! And if that still was not enough, Ian McCarthy from Orb joins Ian to talk about V4S – free voicemail for Skype!

DVR2WMV w/ NVIDIA’s Decoders Doesn’t Work After Update Rollup 2

For reasons unknown to me, NVIDIA’s PureVideo DVD Decoder doesn’t want to work with DVR2WMV after the install of Update Rollup 2.  The solution is to install either WinDVD or PowerDVD.  After you install other decoders then NVIDIA’s, open DVR2WMV Standalone and click Options | Choose Preferred Decoders.  Select either WinDVD’s or PowerDVD’s decoders. After installing any other MPEG-2 decoder (WinDVD/PowerDVD), make sure you run the Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility and set whatever decoder you want to actually be used within Media Center. var dc_UnitID = 14; var dc_PublisherID = 11967; var dc_AdLinkColor = ‘6699cc’; var dc_adprod=’ADL’;

Media Center Sandbox Covers Platform Development

Charlie Owen has posted details on what exactly the Media Center Sandbox will be on Media Center Sandbox Blog.  He says… Media Center for Windows Vista will deliver three ways of developing third party experiences which run in Media Center and leverage the remote control. With Aaron Stebner moving over to our platform team (more on that from him later) there are at least three Media Center platform team members blogging now. We expect that number to grow over the coming year. With three development paradigms and (at least) three bloggers things could get complicated fast. We want you to … Continue reading Media Center Sandbox Covers Platform Development

Okoro Media Systems Introduces ATI X1800 Based Media Systems

Okoro Media Systems is proud to announce the release of our two new models, the CS400 and the updated TH550 featuring ATI Radeon X1800 Graphics Technology. The new 512MB Radeon® X1800 XT will provide the visual and performance possibilities that our customers have asked for. To keep our gaming customers happy, you get ultimate gaming performance and image quality, with an advanced ultra-threaded 3D architecture, an efficient memory controller and Shader Model 3.0, all enabled by ATI’s advanced 90 nanometer GPU process. The high definition image quality is enhanced with ATI’s revolutionary new Avivo video and display technology. This allows … Continue reading Okoro Media Systems Introduces ATI X1800 Based Media Systems

No DivX on Extenders, Ever!

Ian Dixon pointed to why the Xbox 360 most likely will never support DivX on The Media Center Show.  Major Nelson (aka Larry Hryb) said on his Podcast that “I don’t know of any commercial disks… DVDs that are sold that are using the DivX codec. [..]People are using it to backup their DVDs, and I’m using backup in quotes… or some of the other folks are probably using it to share files and break a lot of copyright laws.”  Alexander Grundner picked up the news here. I think that way to much is being put into DivX and “breaking … Continue reading No DivX on Extenders, Ever!

KMS Software Releases MCE Sudoku

KMS Software has released MCE Sudoku which is a logic and reasoning game that can be played via your Media Center remote control!  There is a screenshot below and don’t forget that Ian Dixon will have an interview with Cathy Page of KMS Software on the next Media Center Show.  There will also be 10 copies that will be given away! var dc_UnitID = 14; var dc_PublisherID = 11967; var dc_AdLinkColor = ‘6699cc’; var dc_adprod=’ADL’;

Rocketboom Plug-In for Media Center

Rocketboom for Media Center | “Rocketboom is a three minute daily videoblog based in New York city. We cover and create a wide range of information and commentary from top news stories to guirky internet culture. With a heavy emphasis on international arts, technology and weblod drama.” is the way Amanda Congdon and Andrew Baron, the people behind, describe rocketboom, and now you no longer have to sit behind a regular computer to watch it! Just install Rocketboom for Media Center, take place in our favorite position to watch TV and watch the latest news Amanda and Andrew have got … Continue reading Rocketboom Plug-In for Media Center

Licensing Windows Media DRM

BusinessWeek Online: Just Let Us Play the Movie (eHomeUpgrade) | Here’s another post on Interoperable DRM Systems with Alexander Grundner saying: “…a step in the right direction would be as a simple as liberally licensing DRM technologies for use by third party developers and in return integrating their DRM into your systems (similar to the multi-codec compatibility we have in our audio/video players today), but will we ever see that day?” Clearly the two largest players that these posts relate to are Microsoft and Apple.  Microsoft already does exactly what Alexander is wanting.  Everyone can learn more about licensing Windows … Continue reading Licensing Windows Media DRM