Help Get Christoph Buenger Software In OnSpot!

Christoph Buenger Software
| Christoph Buenger has apparently tried several times to get in contact with
Microsoft US for adding his applications to the Online Spotlight.  His attempts however have not paid off with
his requests going ignored.  For those
who donโ€™t know, Christoph Buenger Software devleloper mcePhone, mceAuction, mceContacts,  mceWeather,
mceTapiRex, and more!  His applications are also featured on

Please reply here requesting that Christophโ€™s products should appear in the US
Online Spotlight!

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13 thoughts on “Help Get Christoph Buenger Software In OnSpot!

  1. His apps don’t work right and they are full of bugs. I stopped using them long time ago. If they are good enough why woudn’t Microsoft want them??? Maybe I don’t get it?

  2. @charly: thanks for this!

    @Corey: i can’t find any request from you regarding a problem on your machine. I need a description of problems, otherwise we can’t improve our software to run on your machine…

  3. Corey, I’ve never had any issues with Christoph’s ssoftware other than the few tiny bugs that he seems to fix right after the release of the software, if needed. Any problems really should be reported to Christoph so they can be looked at. However, buggy or not software is not a reason for communications to stop between Christoph and Microsoft for OnSpot. Microsoft has links for developers to contact them for getting their applications into OnSpot.

    The idea of this post was to better draw attention to Christoph appeartly getting no where w/ Microsoft US on the subject (IIRC, his applications already are in other, non-US OnSpot’s) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Charlie, thanks for looking into it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. It seems like MS really needs a transparent and documented process for adding things to spotlight. Without that there is so much room for error and misunderstanding.

    I like a couple of the apps quite a bit, and they are certainly bette quality then some the wast of space that is on spotlight (basically just add-ware).

  5. listen, it may seem like not many people are supporting christophe, but microsoft needs to consider how lazy people are. how much they are negligent to show praise where it is due, but to criticize quickly. in fact, microsoft should be used to that. christophe’s software is friggin’ awesome. why NOT put him up there? the only reason i can think of is that others pay more to be on there? i mean, he’s on the marketplace, probably one of the better sellers, so why can’t he be there? if it’s royalties for being on the spotlight then at least tell the guy to see if he’s willing.

  6. thanks for all the contributions!

    i got an answer from microsoft. it’s completely unsatisfiing and i don’t think i am allowed to post it here.
    in short, it was: “no. end of discussion.” ๐Ÿ™

    i hope that the users feel different about that and find our plugins through other channels than OnSpot.

  7. Other people think different about our plugins:

    – the new mceAuction 2.0 just won the “eBay Star Developer Award for Innovative Application” on the eBay Developer Conference in Las Vegas. There is no higher award for a software tool for eBay worldwide. eBay really loves mceAuction, i had only positive reactions when i presented it there in Las Vegas. I got no answer from Microsoft to my suggestion to add mceAuction to the OnSpot (especially as it’s technically a webservice with zero installation now and could be started from OnSpot very good)…

    – MCE users love mceWeather: Even from the countries, where mceWeather is not in the OnSpot (like US and UK), the plugin gets large number of hits. At the moment, mceWeather is used by over 100 thousand UNIQUE USERS every month generating nearly 2 million pageviews!

    Thanks again, Chris, for your appreciation and keep up the good work for the community

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