SecurHome Security Recording Software for Media Center v2.0

SecurHome Security Recording
Software for Media Center v2.0
SecurGen LLC, has released Version 2.0 of their highly successful Security Recording Software which allows full video surveillance recording from within Microsoft Media Center 2005. The latest software release will work with all SecurHome systems and is also available in a standalone package for IP cameras in conjunction with most other MCE machines. With the release of the new v2.0 software comes a more intuitive and dynamic user interface as well as many new and exciting software features including export, a setup menu, and sensor alerts.

AVI Export – JPEG and AVI export have been added to v2.0 allowing users to export still images and video from within the search menu in Windows MCE. Images and Videos are saved in My Pictures and My Videos allowing easy playback and backup to CD or DVD.

Setup Menu – With the addition of the setup menu you will now be able to set the number of cameras displayed on the Main Menu, name cameras from within MCE, enable sensor pop-ups and view labeled diagrams of the

MCE remotes button function for each menu.
Sensor Pop-Up (only on SecurHome systems) – Of special note is the new Sensor Pop-up function. The Sensor Pop-up will display a notification in the lower right hand corner of the screen in Windows MCE whenever a sensor event occurs. You may choose to ignore or view this event and upon selecting view you will be taken to the live video feed of the camera the sensor is linked to.

About SecurGen, LLC.
Spokane, WA based SecurGen LLC. specializes in enterprise storage and the next generation in digital video recording, IPVM. Using some of the most cutting edge technologies on the market today, SecurGen is constantly bringing new products and ideas to market ahead of the curve. SecurGen has recruited the best from both the traditional digital recording and security industry to ensure our employees have the experience our customers deserve.

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