Is Allchin Mistaken?

“According to my
contacts at ATI, the OCUR device will be included as part of a “kit”
that will be the box and a new PC. The PC is not certified by CableLabs in any
way, instead MS publishes a minimum system configuration and the system has to
meet these specs in order to be sold with the OCUR device. The OCUR device
itself is the only thing that is actually certified by CableLabs.

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5 thoughts on “Is Allchin Mistaken?

  1. This is still a joke. I can’t believe those of us who build our own HTPCs are out in the cold on this. Why does MS hate its power users? Hopefully Hauppauge or someone will come to the rescue.

  2. OK, now see what Anand is saying makes a lot more sense. And was my main argument. If Vista HTPC with the correct hardware, drivers (display and capture with protected path support), and software (Vista MCE) is deemed “sound” by CableLabs, then why the need for per device certification.

  3. C Backlund: None of this would have to do with Microsoft, CableLabs gets to set all the rules here. What the rules are seems to be different depending on who you talk to however.

  4. I’m thinking that dell or any name person could put an old pc in and quality it so you can get a kit plus the vista cablelabs version and upgrade an old htpc. however use oem types will be sol.

    Then again. Screw cable, directv!!!

  5. So if I am able to build my own HTPC and install an OCUR kit, how do they prevent my machine from recording the unencrypted HD cable signal? Will my Fusion Software work as it does now once the OCUR decrypts the QAM signal for it? I understand I’ll have to run on Vista, but does the OCUR only work with Windows Media Center or any HD Tuner software?

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