More on Streaming DVD’s To Extenders

Update: Sadly, Windows Vista doesn’t support DVD Streaming.  Maybe one day Microsoft will enable it, however as of RTM Vista will not be supporting DVD Stream from the Extenders.

Matt Goyer posted the bit on Sony’s
Standalone Changer for $799
and of course is now getting questions about
streaming those DVD’s to Extenders. 
Matt, as much as he might want to, can’t talk about Microsoft’s future
products plans.  There is nothing stopping
me however from providing some information on the policy of the issue.

Matt comments “…two
things could happen. We could enable DVD remoting from changers to Xbox’s, or
we could develop DVD Managed Copy where you ‘rip’ your DVDs to your hardware
and stream them to your Xbox. …We haven’t announced plans for either of those

Honestly, both of the issues Matt covers need to
happen.  There should be no “or” about
it.  I want to cover the one that
everyone wants now, which is streaming DVD’s from DVD Changers to
Extenders.  No doubt a killer feature of Media Center
would be to have a single point of distribution to legally send out DVDs all over
your house. 

I’ve said before that Vista
should support streaming of DVDs to Extenders
.  The reason for this is because WMRM-ND (eg
approved streaming of current DVD’s with CSS
.  There is no reason why (come Vista) you shouldn’t be able to stream DVD’s from your
DVD Changer to your Xbox 360.  I will be extremely
disappointed if Microsoft skips this important development.  The good thing is that it should appear, as
WMRM-ND should already be supported on Extenders.  All Microsoft has to be is develop the
middleware to take the DVD from 1394 (the DVD Changer), and wrap WMRM around it
and send that onto the wire.  Some people
might remember that Niveus Media is
developing a solution
that would follow the same type of path

DVD’s Managed Copy with Xbox 360 Extender
shouldn’t be an issue at
all.  I’m sure Matt works on this
everyday with since he currently owns
the Movies (My DVD’s) feature
in Media Center 2005.  I’m not sure if we will see a “Managed Copy” like feature for current DVD’s, although Doherty did say in the article above that Microsoft was “evaluating” ripping DVD’s to their hard drive.  In other words, if Microsoft can get WMRM approved then it might happen.

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2 thoughts on “More on Streaming DVD’s To Extenders

  1. I agree – for me personally, the issue that you cannot play DVD’s on extenders is actually the most important one at the time.

    Microsoft allows you to play ripped DVD’s, then allow to play them from a NAS device, have several Media Center and stream from one to the other – why should it be that hard to do with the extenders? As I see it, this is a non-technical, but purely a office-desk decition.

    When HD-DVD allows us to legally use the MANDANTORY managed copy option, then you legally can put your HD-DVD’s on storage, and I would expect that you would then be able to play it from extenders, based on the above being a office-desk decition.

    And all, notice that I wrote mandantory as upper case, as this is the exact reason that all people should go out and buy HD-DVD’s and not Blue-Ray’s, as the HD-DVD’s always can be copied to storage (although you may have to pay for it if you rent a movie from Netflix) – the Blue-Ray’s have this as an option, and when it’s an option, we always know what the studios choose, right? So – skip Blue-Ray’s and go for HD-DVD’s.


    Brian Binnerup

  2. Brian, are you saying that you CAN play ripped DVDs on Media Center and then also on an extender? If so, what software is required (or do you recommend) for ripping the DVDs to a HD? Also, if you rip the DVD, will the DVD cover art and such be shown in the MC & MCE screens?


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