On2Share for Microsoft Media Center

for Microsoft Media Center
| On2Share [MCE] is a UPnP Control Point for
Microsoft XP Media Center Edition (MCE). On2Share is running as integrated
add-in enabling seamless home media networking with simple to use UPnP
(Universal Plug and Play). Tap into your digital home network with your MCE
remote control. On2Share [MCE] is enabling easy access to your local UPnP
media server (e.g.On2Share Pro).

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4 thoughts on “On2Share for Microsoft Media Center

  1. Is this like a Media Center Extender for a second PC on a network? What does this enable a Media Center PC to share the media with?

  2. According to the faq

    “With On2Share you can access other UPnP compliant media servers. The On2Share Control Point will find (and subsequently browse in) all other UPnP media servers that meet the standard of an AV Media Server”

    So I am assuming if you have something like an Infrant Ready NAS NV box which is also a UPnP, this plug will allow yout , at the very least, access the media of not manage it.

  3. We have developed On2Share [MCE] to access UPnP Media server on your local network.
    UPnP is a general protocol to exchange information between devices. There is subtype UPnP AV (audio & video) that is available to exchange metadata and stream the audio & video files to the client. There are several scenarios for this. Most common is PC-> UPnP WLAN device (e.g. Terratecs Noxon). You have a UPnP AV media server on your PC where all your files are located and can access them where you are in your local network. You can browse your play lists and stream files to your device.
    Another scenario is NAS-> UPnP devices or PC. There are also UPnP media servers for NAS (Network Attached Storage devices). No running PC is required to access your audio / video files. All files are available on the NAS.
    This On2Share MCE you get an integrated MCE solution to access all these UPnP AV Media servers, browse them and stream there files.

  4. I would like to find out why my HMS, that passes all DLNA discovery tests, doesn’t get detected by on2Share plug-in.

    I have a log captured by Ethereal to share if anyone cares to help.


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