Exceptional Innovation Brings Distributed Audio Solution to Media Center

[EHX] EI Solves the
Problem of Distributed Audio through Media Center Edition (CE Pro)
| Exceptional
appears to have a big plans to show off at EHX next week.  According to CE Pro, Exceptional Innovation has developed a way
of integrating a “whole-house audio
system with two-way feedback and metadata over regular inexpensive keypads”

Previously, Exceptional Innovation has showed that this could be done using
rather expensive touchscreens.  Now,
using inexpensive
third-party keypads that will also be able to display metadata, users will be
able to control Media
Center from around there
home for little cost.

Photo from CE Pro (Exceptional
Innovation touchscreen model)

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3 thoughts on “Exceptional Innovation Brings Distributed Audio Solution to Media Center

  1. is this going to be a specialized thing? or can it be used with any MCE?

    I’d hate to get locked into a single provider for this kind of thing.

  2. Love EI stuff only a couple problems.

    1. Media Server $4000
    2. Control Software $5000
    3. TV Server $8000
    4. I may be wrong on this but Microsoft DRM does not support multi zone audi streams. So those of use using Napster or Yahoo music are out of luck.

  3. My hope is that EI releases just the software/product needed t take advantage of the keypads. I really hope purchasing Life|ware is not needed, it looks like a great product (and I’ve heard it is), but a bit to pricely for the average user.

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