Akimbo and HDNet to Deliver High Definition Programming Via the Internet

Akimbo Systems today announced an agreement with HDNet, the leader in
high-definition programming, to make select titles from its vibrant library of
HD content available for download through the Akimbo Service for Windows XP
Media Center Edition. This marks the first time Akimbo has offered
broadband-delivered HD content for viewing on subscribers’ monitors or high
definition televisions.

Akimbo subscribers enjoy the freedom to choose from more than 8,000
on-demand programs available through Akimbo’s impressive library of original,
niche and mainstream content – including travel shows, documentaries, music
videos, full-length films, sporting events, television series and more. Now,
Akimbo subscribers can watch fantastic programming in stunning high definition
through their Media Center PCs.

“Akimbo has certainly advanced television viewing with its
award-winning Internet-delivered on-demand service,” said Jeff Cuban of
HDNet. “The Akimbo Service offers HDNet an ideal opportunity to deliver
our high-quality original HD content to an entirely new audience that has grown
to expect and appreciate distinctive and cutting-edge entertainment.”

According to a recent study from Parks Associates, HDTV sales will surpass
$65 billion by 2009 and it is estimated that nearly half of American households
plan to purchase an HDTV in the next year alone. As a result, the demand for
high-definition content is expected to grow exponentially.

“Consumers are adopting HDTV at a rapid pace. Most of them immediately
seek out new sources of great hi-def content,” said Joshua Goldman,
Akimbo’s CEO. “With the addition of HDNet’s content, Akimbo can offer a
new and innovative way to meet this demand.”

Customers can sign up for a free trial of the Akimbo Service through the
Online Spotlight area of Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005 PCs. A
subscription to the first Internet-delivered on-demand service is $9.99 a
month. To subscribe or find more information about what’s on Akimbo, please
visit www.akimbo.com.

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3 thoughts on “Akimbo and HDNet to Deliver High Definition Programming Via the Internet

  1. C’mon! Of all the quality programming that HDNet has available, Akimbo gets the Bikini Destinations series?! No HDNet World Report? No HDNet Deadline!?

    It’s just that getting the wife to go for $10/month on Akimbo only to see hi-def girls touring Hawaii is gonnna be a tough sell.

  2. It’s also not clear to me if that HD Content will be inclusive. I’m guessing not. The big stumbling block with Akimbo is that the proposition is subscription plus fee’s and fee’s and fee’s. Pretty anything you might want to actually watch has a cost associated to it, and not a small one.
    Akimbo probable has a good market angle for those who can’t or don’t want satellite/cable but can’t get OTH, but really the value proposition is pretty low (based on my trial period when they first rolled out to MCE). Their UI was pretty awful and buggy then too, but I’m sure they cleaned that up.
    The thing that really rubbed me the wrong way is the whole systems is DRM gone mad, and is a horrifying case study of what IP owners really want.
    Not only do they want a cut per file (and judging from the prices a big one, much more then your average video rental for some things) but they want to restrict not only what you do with it but how long you can keep it. Everything had an expiration date on it, from a day or so to a couple weeks… This completely fly’s in the face of what a DVR is all about, and shows why DRM is inherently anti consumer in everyway it is employed.
    Great Akimbo reinvented the same tired old rental market and the video club membership fee on top of it, very progressive…
    Akimbo is a great concept but they sold out all the things that could make it good to get the IP owners on board, to the point of neutering the service past being cost effective when contrasted against…well everything else. I hope they make it though it’s a great bit of bridging much like itunes video offering is… Sad thing is I really wanted to like Akimbo, I was very excited when they first rolled out.

  3. I wouldn’t expect more content from HDNet as time goes on. CinemaNow has more of there content at this point, but I would assume everything they have Akimbo could too.

    I know that I’ve posted before that Akimbo has a hard target market. Getting content onto MCE is going to be the best thing they can do (MovieBeam needs to apply the same concept.)

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