Niveus Media Announces Support for HD-DVD High Definition DVD Format

Niveus Media
Announces Support for HD-DVD High Definition DVD Format
| Niveus Media,
Inc., manufacturer of media entertainment devices for the high-end audio/video
market, has announced that it will support the HD-DVD format and will begin
shipping the technology in its line of Niveus Media Centers which utilize
Intel® Viiv™ technology platform, designed to enhance and help manage the
enjoyment of digital entertainment in the home.

“While we may have additional announcements later this year
regarding the Blu-Ray disc format, we are ready to announce that product
development is well underway to deliver HD-DVD in the award-winning Niveus Media
Center by mid-2006” said
Tim Cutting, CEO & Founder, Niveus Media. “By combining our award winning ISF-certified Niveus Media
Center, with HD-DVD and
Intel Viiv technology, Niveus Authorized Dealers will have a powerful solution
to bring their clients into the high definition DVD era. We’re looking forward
to being one of the first to offer dealers an HD-DVD experience in a Intel Viiv
technology based system. ”

“Niveus Media’s move to incorporate a high definition HD
player into their Intel® Viiv™ technology-based platform demonstrates how the
home entertainment PC continues to evolve and provide consumers with compelling
home entertainment experiences, including breathtaking High Definition video
playback,” said C.J Bruno, director Americas Marketing, Intel.

The Electronic House Expo Spring 2006 is being held in Orlando from March 30 –
April 1. Niveus Media will be demonstrating the Intel Viiv technology-based Niveus Media
Center featuring HD-DVD
in Demo Alley, Room 203A. More information available at:

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7 thoughts on “Niveus Media Announces Support for HD-DVD High Definition DVD Format

  1. Do I understand this correctly? This will be a Windows XP Media Center based machine, and it will have full use of HD-DVD?

    I was under the impression that Windows Vista was required for HD-DVD support.

  2. Microsoft is only doing HD DVD Playback on Vista. There isn’t anything stopping third parties from creating a playback solution. It’s going to be hell getting it to pass AACS cert, but it can be done.

    I’m not sure who Niveus is working with, but it appears they have something working.

  3. this is interesting news! I hope the DIY crowd can eventually follow this example and get HD-DVD /Blu-Ray working on a XP/MCE machine sometime in the future.

    now I’m not so hesitant to wait for vista for my HTPC afterall

  4. So Niveus has come up with a way to securely play HD-DVD’s in a Windows XP environment, but the company that wrote Windows XP is not able to do the same? C’mon.

  5. DLA, you can find more information on AACS at The Interim agreement can be download, it’s just all about policy, as is creating software that can get AACS approved.

    MikeA, several companies will try and develop HD DVD Software for Windows XP. I’m not sure how many will secede, but you can bet InterVideo and Cyberlink are working on HD DVD/Blu-ray products. 🙂 I’m not sure if Niveus is doing the software work themselves (though, I highly doubt they are), but Microsoft knows a secure solution ana be made for Vista and that’s what they are going to do. I wounldn’t want to be held liable when it’s my software that creates cracks and exposes flaws on AACS. 🙂

  6. Hi Chris,

    When you mention software that is developed, do you mean everything from the decoder for video, and audio along with the engine that performs the some of the cool interactive features?

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