New 17-Inch Media Center Touchscreen from Pelham Sloane

[EHX] First Glimpse of
17-Inch MCE Touchscreen from Pelham Sloane
| CE Pro has
more from EHX, this time from Pelham Sloane in the form of a 17-inch
touchscreen with Media Center!  Just over
2 inches thick, it has four external USB ports, two PCI Express slots, a
Compact Flash slot, up to 500 GB of hard drive, and support for 802.11g,
Bluetooth, Z-Wave and EV-DO/Edge (cellular broadband).

It will sell for $2,200-$3,200 depending on your
configuration, and is set to ship anytime now!

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3 thoughts on “New 17-Inch Media Center Touchscreen from Pelham Sloane

  1. How much for just the Touchscreen LCD? Something like that connected up to my MCE box in a dual head setup. Then I wouldn’t have to power up my DLP to listen to music or schedule a recording… That would be muy bueno!

  2. I think this product really misses the mark. I’m not sure what the benefit of the touch screen is if it’s an entire Media Center PC.

    The ideal place for a touch-screen interface (for me) would be in the kitchen or the garage. It would be nice if it was just a Media Center Extender so that all I had to plug in was a power cord. It could connect to my Media Center wirelessly and show me all of my content via the touch-screen.

  3. I like it. It looks to work good for MCE 2005, but what about vista? The navigation in Vista doesn’t look very touch screen friendly.

    Also adding another Media center to the house is a pain until a solid way of sharing recorded tv amoung all MCE machines is put out.

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