The Green Button – New and Improved!

The Green Button |
We are excited to present to you an all-new TGB! An entirely new platform and
features have been developed to bring you the best user experience possible.  In the coming weeks we will be rolling out additional
features, such as an all new downloads center and additional Blog features and

a Digital Home Entertainment System with Windows Media Center
by Michael
Miller goes on sale on Today!  It is going to cover such topics as finding
the right Media Center PC for you, connecting and configuring your Media Center,
and how to get the most out of Media


Notes: There are still some bugs that are getting work out, stay tuned for any more information that I can bring you.

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4 thoughts on “The Green Button – New and Improved!

  1. It’s certainly faster…and boy is that a nice change. Search is still pretty um lacking (something like divx fails should return a lot of data but you might get 2 or 3 unrelated results back total). Good for them though! For a volunteer effort GB is a great resource.

  2. Sorry, no book tour planned, but I’ll be glad to answer any questions readers may have. (I haven’t even received my copies of the book yet, so be patient… it’s on its way!)

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