Updated: Xbox 360 Only Vista Compatible Extender (Hope for Linksys/HP?)

Well, following an amazing pattern of not supporting devices and services in Media Center upgrades the Xbox v1 Extender and HP/Linksys will not be compatible with Windows Vista.  Newer Extender models will appear with the Windows Vista release.

“Except for Xbox 360,
earlier versions of Windows Media Extenders are not compatible with
Windows Vista. However, new Extender devices will be available with the
release of Window Vista.” -Microsoft

Update: It appears their might be a slight hope for Linksys/HP Extenders as we go on.  Xbox v1 Extenders still appear to be non-supported.

Update 2: People seem to be misinterpreting information here, which lead to the update above.  No go for anything but Xbox 360 support in Vista

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11 thoughts on “Updated: Xbox 360 Only Vista Compatible Extender (Hope for Linksys/HP?)

  1. Wow, nice way to screw over your partners who put product to market for you…oh yeah on the end customer too. Just plain silly. If this is due to some sort of major technical change they need to get in front of that now.

  2. Yep. Extremely dumb. You wonder if the Xbox 360 can work fine in XP w/ v1 Extender support, why not Vista?

    I had plays to take my Xbox v1 and place it in the guest room, I guess I won’t be doing that now.

  3. Is this a set in stone thing, or maybe will Microsoft surprise us? Because that just immediately halted my upgrade to Vista. I have one Xbox 360 extender, and THREE Xbox extenders in my house. Sorry, but I’m not gonna spend $900 to upgrade all to Xbox 360s. And I was SOOOOO looking forward to Aero Glass on the only machine in my house with a decent video card (all the rest are big on memory and hard drive, but crap video cards).

  4. Well this is hardly a surprise, as the V1 extenders have their interface hard coded. They therefore cannot support the new MCE Vista interface or any of its additional functions.

  5. Not exactly. The interface is done over RDP AFAIK. Vista contains Remote Desktop, the v1 Extenders should be able to connect without any technical issue.

  6. Maybe… I have a linksys v1 mcx and xbox 360. In the about the exender portion of the settings, the xbox statis it’s V2 and linksys V1. I have also noticed that the photo transtions work in V2 extenders. So my guess is they could still limit the mcx to vista by requiring only V2 extenders.

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