What’s New In Media Center on Windows Vista?

OpenCable Unidirectional Receiver (OCUR) CableCARD Support
atch and
record premium and HD cable content without the need for a set-top
box. CableCARD–enabled PCs are specially certified PCs that will be available
from most computer manufacturers when Windows Vista is released.

Microsoft (Err Sonic/Roxio?) “MyTV ToGo”
Launching with Windows Vista this fee-based application will allow syncing content to portable devices such as Portable Media Centers,  iPod
with video capability, PocketPC, or PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Native DVD/MPEG-2 Codec Support
Center now includes DVD codec support natively.  You no longer need to purchase a decoder from NVIDIA, InterVideo, or Cyberlink.

Support for two dual-tuners
I’m assuming this means Media Center now officially supports recording four channels at once.

Allows OEM to configure the PC to start up like a CE device.  Also allows Media Center session to be locked, not allowing users to exit.

Cycle through the EPG using the directional buttons on your remote.  No need to actually change channels or view the Guide fullscreen.

And More!  Get the Windows
Vista Beta 2 Product Guide

to see more about these features and what else Windows Vista will offer.

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5 thoughts on “What’s New In Media Center on Windows Vista?

  1. It strikes me as odd that “MyTV ToGo” will be fee-based. I mean, can’t you do some of this today natively within MCE (for free), and the rest of it can be accomplished today with free plugins? What am I missing here?

    Are they implying that these sorts of plugins won’t work with the new Vista DRM and therefor they can (conveniently) slap on a fee?

  2. Not exactly sure. Maybe it’s a one time fee, and you are actually buying MyTV ToGo from Sonic Solutions (my guess). It shares the exact same name and spacing in the name. If it was really Microsoft’s, it would be My [space] TV ToGo

    Roxio/Sonic MyTV ToGo

  3. I find that a little annoying. I mean seriously it’s MY DATA on MY COMPUTER, I’ll bloody well port the files anywhere I want on my personal network. Here we see the money grubbing DRM influence, and I worry that this sort of BS will is going to absolutely mangle the usefulness of MCE as a usable platform.
    Is a good plugin that streamlines the process worth a couple bucks, sure. If it’s an instant monoply because of DRM that is whole nother story.

  4. Griffon I don’t think your comment has anything to do with the topics above. I don’t think this has much of anything to do with DRM. If they are going to “ship” Sonic’s MyTV ToGo it’s because they have the technology to bring support to PSP’s and iPods (Something Microsoft can’t really do)

  5. What about HD-DVD? I’ve heard a lot about HD-DVD being natively supported in Vista, but haven’t gotten a clear picture of whether it will be natively built-in to Vista Media Center. Will I be able to just put an HD-DVD drive in PC and enjoy HD-DVD movies via the MCE interface with no further software required? Will MCE support all the cool iHD features of HD-DVD?

    It’s becoming increasingly clear that my first foray to next-gen DVD will be with HD-DVD (not Blu-Ray), mainly because of cost issues. And since I already have an MCE hooked up to my 720p projector, it looks like the cheapest way to get HD-DVD would be an add-on HD-DVD drive. I would hate to have to run some other software (PowerHD-DVD?? WMP11?) to watch HD-DVD movies on the MCE machine….

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