Private Folder Needs Media Center Integration

Microsoft released Private
Folder 1.0
the other day with one feature missing; Media Center
integration!  Microsoft Private Folder 1.0
gives you the ability to password protect a folder, called “My Private Folder”.  Something people have wanted for years in
Windows is the ability to password protect folders instead of using
permissions/user accounts to do the work. 
Permissions and user accounts do nothing when you forget to log off or
lock the machine.

Folder 1.0
needs Media
Center integration for
the same reason.  I know that most Media
Center don’t exit Media Center and log off when a whole family is sharing a
Media Center PC.  Sometimes the same families
have content on there machines that everyone might not need access to, if you
know what I mean.

Here’s to a version of Private Folder with Media Center
integration please!

For those who would like password protected folders for Media Center
now, check out Keep
It Private

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2 thoughts on “Private Folder Needs Media Center Integration

  1. Yeah one of the areas that MythTv has MCE squarely beat is managing different access levels through the UI. I was hoping vista MCE would have this resolved and was pretty disappointed when early builds clearly showed no innovation in this area at all. One MS MCE folks are all unmarried or to squeaky clean to collect smut like the rest of us ;)?

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