No Standalone Version of Dell Remote

Won’t Make Standalone Version of Dell Remote; Waiting for Vista (CE Pro)
Everyone that has seen Dell’s
custom made Media Center Remote Control
has loved the looks and
functionality.  Unfortunately, the remote
is only bundled with select Dell PC’s. 
Many wondered if Gyration, the
actual manufacturer of the remote would release a standalone version.  Julie Jacobson, who brought the story to
everyone attention found out, and it doesn’t look good right now.  Here’s what
Julie had to say about it.

“Greg Smith, vice
president of worldwide sales and marketing for Gyration, says the company
contemplated a standalone version of the remote, which allows users to browse
their PC-based music libraries without disrupting the action on the TV screen.
However, it wouldn’t be as simple as erasing the Dell logo from the product.
“We would have to revamp it, and we don’t want to retool it once, and then
retool again,” says Smith. “We’re too close to Vista.”

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One thought on “No Standalone Version of Dell Remote

  1. “We’re too close to Vista.”
    This sounds like if they will actually do it for Vista. At the end, this is not so bad news…

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