The S1Digital Experience, New York City’s First Digital Media Showroom Opening August 1st, 2006

– Aug 1st, 2006 – S1Digital, a premier builder of high-end digital entertainment
solutions, is pleased to announce the grand opening of its unique, digital
experience showroom in New York City.

The innovative space located in lower Manhattan offers customers a place to explore
the latest in-home digital media technologies and work with knowledgeable staff
to design the perfect home theater setup.

Unlike other retail stores, the S1Digital Experience
encourages its visitors to get “hands on” with the products on display so as to
better understand how they can be used in the home.

“We are thrilled to open our interactive showroom and help
people realize the power, ease of use and high-fidelity image and sound quality
that’s available from digital entertainment solutions,” says founder and CEO
Paul Heitlinger. “Coupling our outstanding offerings with a retail showcase, we
are confident that once customers see what these technologies can do, they’ll realize
the benefits of digital media in their own home.”

S1Digital’s custom built Media Centers, Servers and
specialty peripherals, capture, centralize and distribute all types of content
including high definition TV (HDTV), music, movies, videos and photos to create
a home theater experience that takes family entertainment far beyond the
traditional TV room. In addition, home automation solutions allow control of
lights, HVAC, traditional A/V equipment and security systems at the touch of a
button. Based on Windows Media Center Edition and Intel’s new Core 2 Duo with
Viiv Technology, S1Digital’s Media Centers enable some of the most advanced
digital home entertainment technology available today.

The S1Digital Experience is located at 116 East 7th Street between 1st Avenue and
Avenue A in New York City.  Visit us today or to schedule a one-on-one
consultation call (888) 632-6897 or email our specialists at

For additional information about S1Digital’s solutions,
please visit our website at

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