Schedule Recordings And Get Recommendations From Your Cell with UGuide

UGuide has launched in
beta for Media Center users to try out.  UGuide can be used to view your program
guides directly from Media
Center on your cell phone
(Java-enabled only).  Not only can you
view it, but UGuide also can send daily personalized recommendations to you and
allow you to remotely schedule recordings!

Search: Find
exactly what you want to watch or record
Receive daily recommendations for programs that closely match your TV viewing
Remote PVR Recording:
Schedule recordings on your Windows Media Center PVR… from another room or
another city
TV List: Quick
and easy navigation that helps you find out what’s on at a specific time, on a
specific channel
TV Grid: A
standard program guide, tailored to your mobile phone
Favorite Channels: Store your favorite channels and
personalize your program guide

out the forum thread on The Green Button for more

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