Slickest Media Center Plug-In Yet; HeatWave!

Nearly a year ago I blogged about a James @
tapping into a whole new style of Media Center
development.  No Hosted HTML here, James
was using undocumented features in a few of Media
Center’s dynamic link libraries that
allowed him to integrate the plug-in directly using the true Media Center
interface/rendered.  The project died out
only a few weeks later after James had talks with Charlie Owen about the downsides of
using his new development methods.

Anyway, HeatWave is now
back and just as cool as ever.  This
weather plug-in uses Managed DirectX to present it’s UI and looks and performs nicer
then HTML.  Looks great, although doesn’t
work on Extenders just yet.  Check out the forum
thread at The Green Button for more

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var dc_PublisherID = 11967;
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