Yougle: YouTube Meets Google Video

Yougle | Google
Video and YouTube Via Media Center
| You should already know that you can
search and browse YouTube
via Media Center,
but the developer is not stopping there. 
Currently in beta, Yougle from Push-A-Button Software combines YouTube and Google Video into a
single Media Center interface.  Free software, but please donate if
you like it

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2 thoughts on “Yougle: YouTube Meets Google Video

  1. Hi Chris,

    I discovered your article about the plugin to Windows Media Center a couple of minutes ago.

    Couldn’t you make more screenshots available? E.g., how does video clip searching and clip navigation work?



  2. Hehe – search for ‘Yougle’ on YouTube to see the plugin in action. A fan by the name of ‘Hobbes’ (I asked their real name, but they didn’t want to say) made an excellent video of the earlier version in use.

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