"Big Screen Headlines" RSS Reader for Vista Media Center

points to another new application from Mobilewares, this one
being  Big Screen Headlines.  Native for Vista Media
Center, in Media Center
Presentation Layer (MCPL) which means it’s rendered using the same technology
as the Vista UI itself.  Full list of
features is below, but I think it’s great that this application can sync with
IE7’s “Subscribed Feeds”.  Very cool!  Also support OPML for those who use other
desktop/web RSS readers.  More
screenshots here.

  • Read/Monitor
    RSS News Headlines directly from the Internet.
  • Listen/Watch/View
    enclosed RSS Media such as Web Video, Podcast Audio, Images and more.
    Translates HTML based RSS content on the fly for 10 foot viewing. Audio
    and Video will be played via Media Center’s ‘Now Playing’ window – and can
    be zoomed to full screen.
  • Integrates
    with your ‘Subscribed Feeds’ from Internet Explorer 7 – add, locate and
    synchronize your feeds via Vista’s inbuilt feed management system. (Nb:
    access to Subscribed feeds is not available when running under XBox360).
  • Access
    over 500 ‘Best of’ preset RSS feeds with special focus on Media Center related content.
  • Supports
    external OPML Files for easy integration with desktop RSS Readers.
  • Bookmark
    your favorite feeds for quick access from the Big Screen Headlines Main

Be sure to check out the rest of the growing “Big Screen” suite
including  Big Screen Contacts,  Big Screen Weather, Big Screen Business, and Big Screen Photos.

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