Life|ware Finds Its First Retail Home At Magnolia

Homeowners in CA will
be the first to glimpse what the future of digital living looks like.

Columbus, OH – October 26, 2006 – The
new Magnolia stores opening TOMORROW, October 27, in Santa Monica and Santa
Clara, CA will be the first consumer retail showcase for the Life|ware™ digital
entertainment and automation solution. Inside the state-of-the-art store will
be a fully integrated home designed with Life|ware to create an entertainment
experience that allows consumers to control how they enjoy their digital
content, wherever and whenever they want, as well as control their lighting,
HVAC, security and other subsystems through a single interface using Media

The age of proprietary technology is fading, and systems
like Life|ware, which do not tie homeowners into a single-branded solution but
enable control of home subsystems from a wide variety of manufacturers, are the
future. Life|ware is bringing digital entertainment and refined home control
together into one seamless package. What Life|ware represents is a glimpse into
a homes’ all-digital future, one in which all content can be enjoyed over a
network in a variety of ways.

“Magnolia represents a truly unique market segment that
includes high end retail A/V sales, combined with design and installation
services. The presence of Life|ware in the retail locations provides an
opportunity for homeowners to test drive home automation and distributed
digital entertainment in the perfect environment. Magnolia’s commitment to
Life|ware has offered us a great platform for the retail launch of our
products,” said Steve Cashman, Exceptional Innovation’s vice president of

At the new Magnolia stores, consumers will have the
opportunity to interact in a number of different Life|ware experiences
representing multiple zones throughout the home. Life|ware will be controlling
the stores’ Media Room, Media Bar, Home Office, Equipment Closet and Front Door
experiences. The integration centers around HP Digital Entertainment products,
including the new Life|ware Ready HP z565 digital entertainment center, as well
as Life|ware Connected partners such as Lutron, B&K, SpeakerCraft,
Aprilaire, GE Security, and Panasonic. The stores are the first to sell and
display the new Life|point™ family of all-digital, 16:9 widescreen touchpanels,
capable of 720p high definition display and used in Life|ware home automation
networks. Life|point is available in both 12.1” and 8.9” in-wall models.

Whether a homeowner is looking to update a single room,
remodel an existing floor plan or build their dream home, or whether they are
simply searching for a home automation solution that simply makes more sense,
the new Magnolia stores will offer good, better, best packaged Life|ware
automation solutions.  In addition, Magnolia will provide customized solutions
to meet the size and scope of any home installation.

“Studies have shown more and more homeowners are
looking for home automation solutions on varying levels. Here at Magnolia, we
strive to deliver the products and services customers are looking to integrate
into their homes. We are evolving our retail and installation business model to
incorporate the next phase of digital living. Together with new industry
partners like Life|ware and HP complementing our existing supplier group, we
intend to be a full-service retailer that offers homeowners an entirely new
array of solutions and services,” said Lou Kings, Magnolia’s convergence solutions

The two Magnolia stores are located at:
2800 Wilshire
                                      52 North Winchester Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA
Santa Clara, CA 95050

For more information on Exceptional Innovation, please visit

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