DVDxml Makes Using "My DVDs" Simple

– Over 15,000 dvdid.xml files!
| DVDxml.com
just launched allowing simple use of the “My DVDs” feature that is included in
Update Rollup 2.  You have been able to
manually enable “My DVDs” without the use of a DVD Changer since Update Rollup
2 launched, however you needed to create a dvdid.xml for each DVD you have
manually.  Not anymore though, just go on
over to DVDxml.com and download the file
for free.  Right now there are over
15,000 Region 1 DVD’s in the database. 
The site also has information on how to enable “My DVDs” for those who
don’t know.

Here is their Basic FAQ for those just
getting started.

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3 thoughts on “DVDxml Makes Using "My DVDs" Simple

  1. The site could use a better search engine. And too many xml files that are incorrect. Shouldn’t there be one file per DVD? If I have the widescreen, individual Empire Strikes Back DVD, shouldn’t there only be one file that corresponds to it?

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