Charlie Owen Wants Feedback This Time

keeps you from using Windows Media Center…? (Charlie Owen)
| Charlie Owen
is asking what is keeping you from using Media Center,
and wants your feedback.  Looking through
the current comments, looks a lot like what everyone has contributed
and at David
Fleischman’s Blog

Go leave your comments and get your opinion out yet again.

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One thought on “Charlie Owen Wants Feedback This Time

  1. For me, I will continue to use my DVR for the TC portion. The PC I just bought did not come with a TV Tuner card nor a remote. I could upgrade, I wont. Here are my thoughts and reasonings:
    I have an Xbox 360 and have the extender running, but I don’t necessarily want my Xbox 360 running for hours on end, taking away from it’s lifespan. It’s the same reason I have a separate DVD player and don’t use my xbox for that. If I burn out my DVD player – big deal, I’ll shell out another $50 for a new one. My DVR breaks? Whoopie, my cable company will replace it and it only costs me $6/month. Plus, they will upgrade it when applicable. It’s a lot better than shelling out $400 for a new xbox. I will keep the xbox for games and games only. I will use MCE for streaming DVDs and CDs, if I can figure out how to do that. I am just delving into the doco on it. As an IT specialist, I am confident I can get this up and running. The end user (your average person like my husband) doesn’t even want to touch it because it’s too much for them. Updates, extenders, configurations, cables, etc. It’s just too much for the end user. They need something more plug and play. I work with end users every day and it is shocking how many are 1-finger-typers. Not the kind of person ready to delve into the daunting task of networking.

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