Still Waiting for that Digital Output (DVI/HDMI) Dongle….

It’s been over a year since I first
starting writing about it
and the point still stands, to output full
resolution with CableCARD the Xbox 360 must have a digital connection!

Microsoft already covered part of the picture, allowing
the Xbox 360 to output 1080p for HD DVD and gaming
, however VGA and Component
do not guarantee full resolution output for CableCARD, just as it doesn’t for

Just as with HD DVD and Image Constaint Token (ICT),
CableLabs defines Constrained Image Trigger (CIT).  Both are really the same, and basically will
downres any content that has the bit turned on unless HDCP is used.

So, unless Microsoft has worked out a “special deal” with
CableLabs to allow the Xbox 360 to output full resolution with VGA/Component,
we still don’t have a guarantee that we can get full resolution output on
everything we record!

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3 thoughts on “Still Waiting for that Digital Output (DVI/HDMI) Dongle….

  1. It sure would be nice if MS would step up to the plate and come clean about what is going on with this. It’s awfully evil to keep customers in the dark particularly with so many of us planing are hub strategy now.

  2. theres some blog out thre (engadget hd maybe??) that has a pick of an upcoming game release that says hdmi compatible on the back.

  3. The Xbox 360 isn’t capable of outputting a digital signal anyone who has taken one apart can see the chips which handle the video output (I’m not talking about the GPU) are analogue only.

    This is why Microsoft have avoided being pinned down by this question as it would be a marketing point it’s competitors (Sony) can exploit.

    As such it is reasonable to assume unless Microsoft pulls a rabbit out of the hat any Xbox 360 that will have DVI/HDMI support will be a or newer version or special edition only.

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