Vote for The Media Center Show Awards 2006

Media Center Show Awards 2006
| Ian posted up the voting page for the Media
Center Show Awards for 2006 today.  Make
sure to vote, it only takes about a 1 minute and gives those who spend there
time working/playing/developing for Media
Center a pat-on-the-back.

There is also a few great incentives to vote, including
getting entered in a prize draw for free software including mNewsCenter and Media Center Communicator!

There are categories for:

  • Best Media Center
  • Best
    Online Spotlight Applications
  • Best
    Communication Tool
  • Best
    Community Resource
  • Best
    Hardware Manufacturer
  • Best
    Enthusiast Blog
  • Best
    Microsoft Media Center Blog
  • Best
    Free application (non-commercial) application
  • Best
    Commercial Application
  • Outstanding
    Design Award
  • Best Vista Media
    Center Application

P.S.  I’m not saying
you should vote for me, but you know….

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3 thoughts on “Vote for The Media Center Show Awards 2006

  1. You for sure have my vote Chris, your blog is _the_ most important one in my subscriptions.

    I can’t think of anyone that could give you any competition in that award category.

    Good luck.


    Brian Binnerup

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