Charlie Owen On Look & Feel In Third Party Applications

Charlie Owen is
out with a new post about Why
Our Look & Feel Isn’t Available To Applications
.  It’s always interesting to see the thought
that goes into decisions like this, however I don’t agree at all that people
think it’s “boring” for third party to flow with the rest of Media Center.  From everyone I have talked with, they would
rather see third party applications have UI’s that resemble the rest of Media Center.

Anyway, be sure to
check it out

One thought on “Charlie Owen On Look & Feel In Third Party Applications

  1. The main reason I didn’t install many third party plugins is because they don’t flow with the rest of the Media Center interface.

    For Windows, Microsoft always suggested to use the standard Windows look & feel for the user to feel comfortable. Why would it be different with MCE? In fact, it should be even more important with MCE.

    Sorry Mr Owen, you didn’t convince the Jury…

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