CyberLink Launches PowerDVD Ultra for Playback of HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

Taipei, Taiwan—-December 22, 2006—-CyberLink
Corp. (5203.TW), a world leader in digital home solutions, today launched the
HD DVD and Blu-ray version of its industry-defining movie player software,
PowerDVD. Featuring optimized hardware acceleration for graphics processors,
and compatibility with leading HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc drives, PowerDVD Ultra
delivers the ultimate high-definition movie experience on both desktop and
notebook computers.

New features for
PowerDVD Ultra include:

  • Support
    for HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc playback on leading drives, including the
    Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD external drive
  • Playback
    of high-definition Hollywood movie
  • Optimized
    performance for playback of high-definition video content on graphics
    cards featuring NVIDIA PureVideo, ATI Avivo, and Intel Clear Video
  • Support
    for new next-generation disc features, like Picture-in-Picture movie mode,
    networking, interactive BD-J and iHD features, bookmarks, and advanced
    disc navigation
  • High-definition
    audio with support for Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD
  • 6.1-channel
    surround sound, ensuring compatibility with home theater audio systems,
    and audio expansion of up to 8 channels
  • Support
    for double-layer HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
  • Conformance
    to the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) specifications for
    the playback of premium content through DVI and HDMI connectors
  • Support
    for BUS Protection ensures premium content protection via VGA systems.

PowerDVD Ultra also
offers leading player features:

  • Say-it-Again
    – one-click DVD dialog looping
  • Read-it-Clearly
    – moveable DVD subtitles
  • See-it-All
    – automatically activated DVD time stretching for when mobile PCs run low
    on power
  • Power-saving
    settings for notebooks and an onscreen battery meter
  • Five
    control modes, a choice of skins and interface colors
  • UPnP
    media player support.

“CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra prepares consumers for the
huge next wave of PC-based entertainment: high-definition content delivered on
HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink.
“In doing so CyberLink is offering a totally new experience, with even
more ways to access and interact with movie content, as well as new support for
audio technologies that help users maximize use of their home theater audio

Product Availability
CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra English version is available
online, and the following languages: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional),
German, French, Italian, Korean, and Spanish, will be launched next week.

  • CyberLink
    PowerDVD Ultra USD 99.95/Euro 99,95

For more information, please visit:

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8 thoughts on “CyberLink Launches PowerDVD Ultra for Playback of HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

  1. Hello,

    Been waiting for this software for ages; downloaded immediately; but disappointed that it only contains the Blu-ray player – there doesn’t seem to be any HD-DVD player (for the connected XBOX360 drive) or anyway of playing inside MCE itself. Bit disappointed.


  2. I bought the Japanese edition of WinDVD 8 which does have BluRay/HD DVD support although it certainly has a few bugs. I’ve used it with my Xbox 360 HD DVD drive and it worked although King Kong was very jerky. Bought PowerDVD and it installed and worked fine on my system. Nick, was the HD DVD drive connected when you installed PowerDVD?

  3. Hmmm – I really think PowerDVD Ultra has been thrown together…..for one it has been confirmed by their own support desk that if you’re lucky (or perhaps unlucky!) to have both blu-ray and HD-DVD – it will only install playback software for blu-ray; to get it working for HD-DVD you have to disconnect or disable the Blu-ray drive(!?!?). Equally, it doesn’t seem possible to get both HD-DVD and Blu-ray working together under a single install, but worse still using my ATI HDMI HDCP 1650 pro, I can’t get it to play any disk at all under vista, without vista first complaining that the application is incompatible with Aero and therefore defaults to Aero Basic before it crashes. Anybody else having the same problem? I figured I should wait until all these teething problems are resolved…

  4. Wow Nick, if you can’t get PowerDVD Ultra working for both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD in the same install that’s a serious rip-off to have to turn around and probably pay another $100 for a copy of WinDVD. I was afraid we might have to do that (due to the Blu-Ray licensing). I guess if people can put up with just SPDIF audio they can just use the free copies of the players they get with their Blu-Ray or HD-DVD PC drives. People would have to pick one brand of HD-DVD, and another brand that came with the alternate brand of DVD software. I hope this turns around and gets working as expected, because that’s not the ideal way of doing things.

  5. I have PowerDVD Ultra working in Vista…Kind a!
    It plays the HD-DVD, but the screen shows in lots of large squares all showing differnt quality segments of the screen. But this could be down to the 8800gtx beta drivers being used.
    Also, on the HD-Bluray issue. When i installed PowerDVD Ultra, i had niether attached and was asked to install either HD-DVD or Blu-ray versions. So you can’t have both in the same install…That is nothing short of crap!!!

  6. I have the same problem with Power dvd Ultra but it doesn’t even give me the option of choosing hd or bd it just installs the bd version. After some messing around I found there is another HD version on the disc but when i try to install it my pc pops up a SERIOUS ERROR window ??
    I have tried evry which way to get it to install but no joy !

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