Best Buy and Exceptional Innovation Go Mainstream With Life|ware!

Details: Best Buy, Exceptional Innovation and ConnectedLife.Home (CE Pro)
Julie has been lurking with the details of a new package from Best Buy,
Exceptional Innovation and ConnectedLife.Home. 
For $15,000 you can walk into Best Buy and pick up a package everything
you need to connect your home with Media
Center and Life|ware as
the core.

  • One z560 Digital Entertainment Center
  • Life|ware
    home automation software from Exceptional Innovation,
  • One Xbox
    360 (which doubles as a Media Center Extender)
  • Two
    Panasonic wireless cameras
  • One
    communicating thermostat from Residential Control systems
  • Ethernet/powerline
    adapters from Corinex
  • Other assorted
    devices—five dimmers, five switches, two keypads–that communicate over
    the powerline via Insteon technology.

the full story here.
  Merry Christmas
and happy holidays to all.

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One thought on “Best Buy and Exceptional Innovation Go Mainstream With Life|ware!

  1. Surely this is for people who will pay a bigtime premium to save a little time. Anyone willing to invest an hour of time on the net could get this hardware list for much cheaper.

    In fact, I can’t even get this list to add up to $6k, using very liberal estimates for components for which I can’t find the price.

    z560 $2000
    Lifeware ($300 ??)
    Xbox 360 $400
    Two Panasonic Wireless cameras $800
    RCS Communicating Thermostat $400
    Ethernet/powerline adapters ($1000 ??)
    Dimmers/switches/keypads ($1000 ??)

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