33 thoughts on “Yeah, TGB Down Again

  1. I’ve e-mailed the Admins. Me, Bryan, and Mike don’t have access to the hosting or server side of everything, so sadly it’s out of our hands. 🙁

  2. Today’s hosting landscape has moved past the “Hey, we’re down for a couple of days” world. Any outage longer than 12 hours is unacceptable. Yes, I realize we’re in the middle of a holiday but that’s what the oncall person is for. You should seriously consider a different hosting provider.

  3. How are you hosting this Chris?

    Do you have a server in a facility, or?

    I must agree, this much down time is unacceptable.

    Where I host my WebService they have two different 1 gb internet lines, going to different providers in two different directions, ect. ect.

    Unless you have hardware failures on non-redundant hardware it sounds very odd that it’s down for so long.

    It’s unfortunate, as other sites may pop up as a competition, and it’s just so much easier to just follow one large site.



  4. I don’t do the hosting, or the server management. That’s the Admin’s department (Dan). I believe he is hosting at Rackspace. He is the only one who has access to the account. We have an additional web developer, who generally handles server problems (STMP crash that has been the problem so many times) but I can’t get a hold of him either.

  5. That would be nice, but Office Live isn’t going to cut it. I actually have an Office Live account, but the design tools are very limiting and (it you wanted the free account) the bandwidth and web space isn’t going to cut it either.

  6. Going on 6th day now…If this Dan fellow is really the only person with access to TGB’s hosting account then he should make himself more available for situations like these or find someone he can trust to give access to the account.

    He must be losing money from the various ads on TGB after being down almost a week.

  7. Apparently the admins were hit really hard by the recent seattle storms. one of them just got power back today to even know there was a problem. Its being looked into.

  8. Going past a full week of the site being down now. Even if Dan or the web developer have been out of reach with no electric, isn’t there any method available where the host can bring the server back up or redirect to static page informing of the site being down?

  9. I also feel the frustration. I have no information or answers to even guess at any of those questions. Most of us are literally just moderators.

  10. I don’t get it – you need to have people in different locations being able to handle this.

    This can kill TGB in very short time.

    Please let me know if there is anything we can help out with!



  11. Can anyone recommend another site? I’ve given up on TGB even if it does come back as it is just too unreliable of an information source.

  12. try xpmce.com This is where I have been going since TGB has been down. Too bad too because I really liked TGB a lot better.

  13. This may come as a shock to everyone, but people get sick, die, etc…

    Anyone know this “Dan” guy personally?

  14. I haven’t heard or read of any other website or hosting service being knocked out due to those Seattle storms. It is really starting to get past the point where weather is still a factor. Have The Powers That Be decided that TGB ended with 2006? It could make sense, with Microsoft moving Media Center from a DIY-type system into the OEM-only realm again, they may want less of a user support community available. Anyone know if Vista Media Center continues to have a help link for the TGB site as MCE 2005 does?

  15. If this is a HW/SW issue, it is a shame.

    I, and I am sure others that benefitted from TGB, have access to this stuff (I own a rack and HW at a good ISP) and would be happy to donate it and the time necessary to keep the site running.

  16. HDTVJunkie, glad to see you’ve joined up at MCEFourms.

    I doubt many – if any members of thegreenbutton know me – I tend to keep a low profile on forums. I do run a couple of fairly sucessful forums, and had the spare server capacity to start an MCE based one.

    I’ve started it, to see where it goes, any questions, or sggestions, give me a shout ‘over the road’.



  17. I would suggest using mceforums.com until everything is fixed. I have tried to go over to xpmce, but there is just too much spam there. At least this guy has a new forum that can be used.

  18. I’ll leave mceforums.com up, and see what transpires, at least if tgb goes down again, a ready made alternative is about.

    tgb has so much information on it it is frightening!(in a good way)

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