Microsoft Gets a Jump on Vista Pre-SP1 Hotfixes

Business Microsoft Premier Support  got a started on the Windows Vista hotfix
party today (Via The
Green Button
).  Hotfixes not yet available
to the general population (Edit: Please read Susan’s comment below), only through Microsoft Premier Support, and only if you have
the exact issues in the KB articles

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4 thoughts on “Microsoft Gets a Jump on Vista Pre-SP1 Hotfixes

  1. If I had a dime for every time someone said you can’t get hotfixes if you are the general public I would be a rich woman.

    In the USA the process is as follows:

    Press 2 for IT pro
    Press 1 for hotfixes

    Say “Hi I need hotfix number …whatever is is”

    They bundle it up and send it to you FOR FREE.

    You DO NOT have to be a premier customer to get a hotfix.

  2. There is 23 patches as of today.

    Crashing from standby seems to be the major fix for most people on net forums, and HD Audio fix.

    Premier is only for business where you can download yourself, and normally hotfixes only available to public if they are in their 90 days support period (or has this now changed ?)

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