Open Source DVRBox Edits and Converts DVR-MS

| If you are looking for a free program to edit and convert
your DVR-MS recordings, you might want to stop by SourceForge and check out the
new open source DVRBox project.  DVRBox
allows for editing of DVR-MS, batch processing, automatic crop detection,
scheduled compression, and more.  DVRBox
also easily outputs to several flavors of MPEG-4 including XviD, x264, and

Give it a try.

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4 thoughts on “Open Source DVRBox Edits and Converts DVR-MS

  1. Looks interesting! Have you tried it? I notice they direct us to commercial codecs (Cyberlink) – Hm. Wonder if there is a way to get this onto ffmpeg like so many other conversion/manipulation products?

  2. Any chance that this would also copy the recording metadata (show description, etc) from the DVR-MS to the MP4? I currently do this manually and would love an automated solution.

  3. Hey this looks like a great program. Does it use Direct Show or use it’s own internal CODEC pack? Would it be hard to get it to go both ways? I have some various .ts .mkv & .avi files that are HD that I would not mind converting to MS-DVR. I am running Vista Ultimate MC with a Hauppauge HVR-1600 recording HD OTA ATSC. Again, big thanks for this app. I will be checking it out tonight for sure.

    – K

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