Vista PMP Already Cracked?

Update on Driver
Signing Bypass (Alex Ionescu’s Blog)
)| Alex Ionescu appears to have takin the first step to defeat that
evil DRM that prevents everyone from doing everything (or something like
that).  He goes through the different
ways that Microsoft could patch Vista to disable his work, but ends with the
conclusion that it’s unlikely Microsoft can fix it.

Thoughts?  Could he
really have broken PMP on today, Vista’s golden day?

I doubt, but now it’s time to play the waiting game.  While playing, why not send some nasty mail
to random content owners to express your dislike with the content protection
systems they keep dreaming up,

var dc_UnitID = 14;
var dc_PublisherID = 11967;
var dc_AdLinkColor = ‘6699cc’;
var dc_adprod=’ADL’;

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