Windows Vista Beta Testers Get Extra Special Treat (3 Copies of Vista, $100 Total)

Update: Those who purchased and got invalid keys should now have an e-mail with valid keys.  All keys handed out now are valid.  Buy away!

Remember that Family
Discount Reward
that Microsoft is pushing out with Vista?  The one that lets you purchase two additional
copies of Vista Home Premium for $49.99 each after you buy a retail copy of
Vista Ultimate?  Well, it turns out that
the free copy of Windows Vista that active beta testers got is a retail copy,
so you can purchase two copies of Home Premium for $100, making it three copies
of Windows Vista overall for the wallet friendly price of, you guessed it,
$100!  That’s a deal!

Here to Bring Home More “Wow” for $100

Thanks pippen (via The
Green Button

Update: I just tried mine.  The first time it rejected it (copied the key wrong??).  The second time, well look below. 


  Spread the word before, and
remember it expires on June 30.

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var dc_PublisherID = 11967;
var dc_AdLinkColor = ‘6699cc’;
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5 thoughts on “Windows Vista Beta Testers Get Extra Special Treat (3 Copies of Vista, $100 Total)

  1. Great news! Now I can get my brother up and running on the cheap (and maybe add another Vista machine to the house).

    On a related note, one thing that drives me absolutely nuts about Home Premium is the absence of Remote Desktop. This is such a mainstream feature these days and it just seems cheap for them to include it only with Business and Ultimate…. and I hate using VNC.

  2. I just want to clarify, “active beta testers” received a free -NON BETA- copy of Vista Ultimate.

    The beta key, will not work.

  3. Right. Beta Testers who submitted at least one bug or voted/confirmed other testers bugs got a free copy of Vista RTM a month or so ago. Assuming you claimed your key in time, that key can be used as part of the Family Deal above. Pre-RTM product keys will not work.

  4. Well so far the web site does not work for me, either using RTM keys or Retail ( upgrade version of Ultimate). Error comes back

    “We’re sorry, the following error(s) have occurred:
    No Offer Found”

    Anyone else have that problem

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