Niveus Media Brings The Future of High End Home Entertainment To The NYC Market Through Harvey

Coinciding with the launch of Windows
Vista on January 30th, Niveus, together with Harvey Home Entertainment, is
launching its new line of Windows Vista-based Media Servers.

New York, NY – January 30, 2007– Niveus Media, Inc., an award-winning
manufacturer of digital entertainment solutions for the connected home, will
showcase four new media centers including the Rainier and Denali Editions as
well as the Pro Series n7 and n9 at the roll out of their Windows Vista-based
Media Servers on January 30th at Harvey Home Entertainment in Manhattan.

2007 Niveus Media Server line delivers a high level of Windows Vista Media
Center-based performance for home theaters. Providing faster frame rates,
higher quality television, faster music encoding, rich graphics, and quicker
response time, Niveus’ 2007 editions are amongst the first Windows Vista Media
Center-based systems to incorporate Intel’s Viiv™ technology including Core 2
Duo processors, HD DVD and HDMI output; all in an audio/video component form
factor. Windows Vista, on a digital cable compatible system from Niveus, can
support CableCARDs™ from local cable providers. This technology allows
consumers to enjoy one-way cable programming and enables them to view and
record premium digital HD content without the use of a set-top box.. Niveus
Media Centers will also be amongst the first Windows Vista Media Center-based
products to offer stunning 1080p HD DVD playback.

thrilled with the opportunity to bring our distinguished clientele what we see
as the future of high-end home entertainment,” said Harvey CEO Martin McClanan.
“This is the first time that a Harvey store has even considered carrying a
Windows-based server for the home. But as technology changes so must retailers
and we see extensive opportunities for our customers to integrate a Niveus
Media Server into their digital lifestyle. The convergence of high-end audio
video and Windows Vista Media Center-based products for the ultimate management
of uncompressed music, video, digital photos, and HDTV has arrived. This isn’t
just the future, this is now!”

is excited to launch our Windows Vista-based Media Centers with Harvey Home
Entertainment,” said Tim Cutting, CEO and co-Founder, Niveus Media. “With the
arrival of premium HD television support in the Windows Vista-based Niveus
Media Center, Harvey will be well positioned to deliver a feature packed,
whole-home entertainment system for managing their customers’ growing
collection of digital content and television recordings.”

available through Harvey is the Niveus Digital Cable Receiver which supports up
to two CableCARDs for viewing and recording multiple, premium HD television
programs simultaneously. Niveus’ external design of the Niveus Digital Cable
Receiver ensures the ultimate in performance and flexibility when storing,
managing, and accessing, all digital media via a powerful Windows Vista
Ultimate-based media center interface.

of the Windows Vista-based Niveus Media Servers as well as the Niveus Digital
Cable Receiver will be available following the January 30, 2007 launch of
Windows Vista. Harvey has nine stores located in the metro NY, NJ and CT area.

more information on Niveus Media, Inc., please visit

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