Velocity Micro Revolutionizes Home Entertainment: Unleashes Bold New Vista Media Center PCs

New media center computers with Vista deliver
never-before-seen performance for audio, video, and gaming.

Richmond, VA – January 30, 2007 – Velocity Micro, the
premier independent builder of custom, high performance computers and
workstations, announced today the availability of their groundbreaking Vista
media center PCs, the CineMagix Grand Theater and the CineMagix Pro Cinema. The
CineMagix Grand Theater, which was unveiled at Digital Experience earlier this
month, is Intel-based with up to 2.25 terabytes of storage, while the CineMagix
Pro Cinema features AMD products. Both PCs feature premium a/v components and
the same sleek design.

“We’re bringing to market something very special. The
audio/video quality is second to none in the consumer electronic market with
Dolby Master Studio certification and a near perfect home theater benchmark
score. We also took a radically different approach to the whole out of box
experience—including the cables and documentation that consumers have come to
expect from their home theater A/V equipment, available for the first time with
a PC-based media center, and only from Velocity Micro,” said Chris Morley,
Velocity Micro’s Director of Product Development.

The new media center PCs with Vista deliver a whole new
level of media management and playback. The CineMagix Grand Theater and Pro
Cinema feature the groundbreaking internal AMD TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner,
allowing users to watch and record HD digital cable content on their PCs for
the first time. The new media centers also feature Blue-ray and HD-DVD playback
for the highest resolution, home cinema quality playback available. Gamers can
enjoy first class DirectX 10 graphics from NVIDIA and AMD, setting the stage for
the next generation of games, and play games on HDTVs from the comfort of their

“The CineMagix Grand Theater and Pro Cinema are powerful PCs
in disguise. They’re loaded with the industry’s most advanced technology, but
their low-profile design makes them look like stereo components. They fit right
in with your living room set-up,” said Morley.

About Velocity Micro, Inc.
Velocity Micro, Inc. is the premier high-performance personal computer provider
in North America. Founded in 1992, Richmond, Va.-based Velocity Micro custom
builds award winning gaming, mobile, multimedia, home office, and small
business solutions. Velocity Micro systems are now available at select Best Buy
retail stores and For more information on Velocity
Micro, please visit or
call (800) 303-7866.

Velocity Micro has earned over 30 industry awards, including
nine PC Magazine Editor’s Choice awards. CNET, Maximum PC, Mobile PC, PC World,
Computer Gaming World, Computer Shopper, and PC Gamer editors have all chosen
Velocity Micro systems as some of the industry’s best-performing,
highest-quality, and most reliable PCs.

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2 thoughts on “Velocity Micro Revolutionizes Home Entertainment: Unleashes Bold New Vista Media Center PCs

  1. Interesting. I specc’ed out a system with dual CableCard tuners for $2400. Not bad compared to the $3k+ Sony system. But it seems they’re using a regular motherboard and not a builder-specific one, as we all heard would be the requirement for OCUR. So, how long before someone rips the BIOS out of that board and starts flashing other boards with it?

  2. If you look at the mother board spec, it’s an intel oem board that supports TPM. From what I’ve been able to gather, it appears to be one of the requirements to support the ocur device. AFAIK the dell xps410 is also TPM enabled motherboard. I certainly wouldn’t mind buying a Dell xps410 taking the mobo out and stuffing it into a nice a-tech fabrication heatsink case. As more systems are rolled out that support the ocur device, we’ll see how it all works. We should start to see more mid-range systems in the comming months instead of the high end system bundles that cost an arm and a leg right now. I could be way off base on my assumptions on what is required for digital cable tuner to work, but only time will tell.

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