Ricavision Intros Multifunction and Universal Vista Remotes

of Ricavision remotes
, Ricavision
also has some upcoming multifunction and universal remote controls for Windows

Running from left to right, the first one pictured is just a
basic Vista Remote Control and only works with your PC.  The next one is a Multifunction Remote
Control and will control your PC and basic TV functions (power, input, volume,
etc).  The last one is a Universal Remote
Control that can handle your PC, TV, DVD/VCR, and more.


Not sure what the prices will be, but these are some pretty
nice looking remotes.

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4 thoughts on “Ricavision Intros Multifunction and Universal Vista Remotes

  1. “these are some pretty nice looking remotes.”

    Really? I was thinking how ugly and uninspired they looked. Compared to the ergonomic shape/layout of the Tivo or MCE remote, they look like they were designed by Sony’s Elite “Rectangles R Us” Design Force.

    Functionally, well, that’s a different matter, of course. But in no way do they ‘look’ nice :-).

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