Batch DVD Ripping In Sight? MCEtilites Beta Released

ActiveAsp Software has just released MCEtilites v1.0
) for MCE 2005 and Vista Media Center.  Currently in beta, MCEtilities allows you to
edit metadata on DVR-MS files and to view metadata for dvdxml
.  However, the software can
also control DVD Changers!  Currently it
can mount, unmount, eject, and even rip from DVD Changer’s like Sony’s

Now, if you are like me you are still reading this post
because you want to know if it will allow batch DVD Ripping, the Holy Grail for
such an inexpensive DVD Changer that doesn’t support DVD
.  Well, right now the
answer is no, it doesn’t do batch DVD ripping. 
According to the developer you will still need to click “Start Ripping.”  However, he is currently investigating using
the Nero API’s to allow for batch ripping and transcoding.  Exciting stuff, so stay tuned.  There is also an SDK for VS2005 so people can
make their own plug-ins to edit/manipule/whatever DVD Changers, DVR-MS files,
and movie metadata.

Already planned features include being able to use MCEtilities
to edit/download metadata for movies, and it will have integration with

Remember, it’s in beta so report bugs here.

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