Non-SideShow In-wall Media Center Control (Shipping Now)

While laying out my whole SideShow
the other day about in-wall keypads and Media Center control, I did
leave out something.  ACS has been doing this for the past two
years!  Their Graphical
Media Center Remote Front Panel
is a 128×64 serial controlled (RS-232) remote
that also passes metadata.  It even
includes a Configuration Utility so you can tell it what exactly you wish to
display.  Looks to fit nicely in standard
dual gang box, which is the perfect size!

And the best part, retails for only $99!  You can bet that SideShow modules will cost more than that.


Thanks to Scott for the reminder.

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3 thoughts on “Non-SideShow In-wall Media Center Control (Shipping Now)

  1. Here is my ideal situation. I add one of these to my wall in my bathroom, along with a in-wall amp / volume control for a set of in-wall speakers. Will this allow me to control a MCE computer in another room, and only output audio to my bathroom? What if I install a second sound card just for this function? Basically, can this be configured for a multi-room setup in any way?

  2. OK, since this is similar to the other post regarding extenders, are there any currently available touch screens that can be used with Vista media center? Ideally a 10-15″ touchscreen that can be hookedup to a media center box (wired is fine), that can then operate Vista media center. The sideshow units are cool, but a little small for what I envision.

  3. Adam: I’m not sure if it will allow you to do that, I’ve never really tried multi-sound card output within Media Center as their is a lack of front-end software to control it.

    Rob: Any touchscreen would basically work. There doesn’t have to be anything special to use a touchscreen with Media Center. Companies like Inteset have designed special Media Center PC’s around touchscreens. See: Pelham Sloane also has one. See

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