Apple TV Gets Broadcast Marketing; Microsoft Still Doesn’t

like Apple gets convergence marketing for Apple TV
(as expected), maybe
Microsoft wants to take a hint from this commercial and apply it to all of
there offers.

This is, in my opinion, the biggest problem with the
platform.  It’s not the lack of SoftSled,
it’s not that CableCARD requires you to buy a new PC, it’s not limited codec
support on Extenders.  It’s the fact that
people don’t know what they have or what they can do.

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4 thoughts on “Apple TV Gets Broadcast Marketing; Microsoft Still Doesn’t

  1. Agreed 100%. I had family over this weekend and they were *amazed* to discover the XBox 360 could do all that it did PLUS interact with Media Center, yet they knew all about the Apple TV.

    Of course it all boils down to the usual suspects… you need a PC to use Media Center and that instantly means it’s up to the PC makers. It should all the HTPC makers with the splashy ads but of course they do almost nothing and even if they did the price tag would be jarring to say the least.

    There really needs to be a Vista Home Premium + XBox 360 marketing campaign… but of course that ends up showing some of the huge holes in their current home media strategy, namely the huge lack of integration of services between Zune, Media Center and the 360.

    Actually, it’s a pretty big mess right now… you can buy music via Zune but not manage it on anything else. You can buy video from the 360 Marketplace yet not from Media Center which seems like the better fit YET content you record on Media Center can’t be transfered to your Zune without some effort on your part.

    Umm, nevermind about that marketing campaign, they may need to wait until things actually work together.

  2. I so agree with you. It’s amazing what people don’t know about what they have. I tried to email the vp of the consumer initiatives at Microsoft this same point a few weeks ago, but to no avail. If MS loses this, it’s there own fault. They are not pushing the platform.

  3. Lots of xbox 360 owners have no idea what it can do as a media center. It is really strange that only a little marketing is done for those features.

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