Need Your Opinions on ContentLink

I’ve had ContentLink
running on the site since last week, and most of you have likely have not
noticed it.  I’ve only put it on archived
help articles and such, but not much on my blog postings.

I know that most of you are not fans of ContentLink, as I
have seen your reactions at The Green Button between ContentLink and IntelliTXT.  As I don’t need the revenue to keep this blog
going, I wanted to ask people’s opinions
before I go any further with it.

Since most people don’t like ContentLink, I’m not planning on enabling it site wide
or for that matter, on the front page.
When you come here, my main goal is for you to be interested in the
content.  Content always comes first, and
when ads interferer with content that’s a problem for me.  I do however have a small interest in
advertising, so I would like to explore that here.


ContentLink Example

My thoughts for
ContentLink on this site including keeping it off of the front page, always keeping
 RSS ad free, and providing a way for you
to disable it if/when enabled.

What I was thinking is that I can use ContentLink to better
monetize my traffic coming from Google, so starting this month as posts get
knocked off the front page, I would edit them to add the ContentLink code.  You would only see the ContentLink pop-ups
when you click back to the old stories, or who I’m really gunning after, when
Google searchers find results on my blog.

I’d like to get your
opinions on this.
  I feel that
keeping it off the front page is the best bet for general acceptance.  For those who are not fans at all, I noticed
that you can selectively disable
ContentLink on a site-to-site basis
To do this, click the link below to go to an example of what ContentLink
looks like enabled.  Hoover over one of
the links and then click on the question mark (“?”) in the top right.  Scroll to the bottom of that page, and it
says “…if for any reason you would like to disable ContentLink.”  Done, you will never see them again (until
you delete your cookies).

So, what do people think? 
I’d like everyone’s opinion on this before I do anything else.  You can click here
for an example of what a post looks like with ContentLink enabled.

var dc_UnitID = 14;
var dc_PublisherID = 11967;
var dc_AdLinkColor = ‘6699cc’;
var dc_adprod=’ADL’;

12 thoughts on “Need Your Opinions on ContentLink

  1. I’m not a huge fan but I could live with it. Don’t know if it’s a transitional issue or not related at all but right now the site is loading really slow. Your wider collum spacing then like at Zats not funny actually makes the key word adds less intrusive IMO. Probable most of the folks here (myself included) all google reader all the time.. .maybe should get a cut of that addsense instead 🙂

  2. Intellitxt on TGB got too annoying for me. It felt like a game of “tag” to navigate my mouse to a link without hitting one of those popup terms, and often the intellitxt popup would cover the link that I was trying to select which was ultra-annoying.

    Anyway, Adblock Plus (with an easy filter) cleaned that right up.

    As for your blog, I suppose adding this to older content is a reasonable thing to do. I think it’s considerate (and smart) of you not to add it to the front page.

  3. Thanks for feedback everyone.

    I know it’s hard with The Green Button, if I had bothered to see that you can disable it ContentLink might have been better to stick with other IntelliTXT.

    But until we can help Dan find a good method for consistent cash flow, it will have to do. 🙁

  4. Chris, I noticed you said that these ads can be disabled on a site by site basis…I am unable to figure out how to disable them on TGB though. How do I go about disabling them while reading posts on TGB?

  5. As long as the pop-up disappears after a second or so, which it does, I don’t mind in the least. I’m used to it from other sites anyway.

  6. Griffon: I’ve tried to find a balance that will offset my costs while providing minimal reader distractions. I’ve modified the default IntelliTXT setting of 7+ key words per page to 3-4 in my blog areas.

    Chris’ test page looks like it had 16 highlighted words which seems a bit much. I don’t mind this sort of advertising (including the front page) in moderation since most blogs and forums offer a free service.

    Chris: Your idea to modify posts after they fall off the front seems like a lot of work – I say just turn it on (but with fewer highlighted words) sitewide.

    That’s interesting that Kontera let’s readers disable ads by site. I think I’ll email Vibrant Media and request similar functionality.

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