CableCARD PCs Back At HP Today

Thanks to Dan
who posted in my comments of the HP Dropping
post that he was able to configure a machine again with a Digital
Cable Tuner.

Same price as when they were first announced,
$1,500.   I guess they ran out of stock
or something.

Also, the Digital Cable Tuner is Part #: GL282-69001.  It is listed as not for sale via HP Parts. 

9 thoughts on “CableCARD PCs Back At HP Today

  1. I called to see if I could buy a second DCT, and the CSR I spoke with said that they won’t sell me a second one, that it’s not supported, but I, “should be able to buy one later on sites like NewEgg.”

    I chuckled, and told him — basically — that’s not bloody likely. He doesn’t seem to understand the whole thing.

  2. Update: They’re not going to sell PCs with two DCTs, period. “Maybe in a year or two,” the guy said.

    That sucks.

  3. I wouldn’t really trust what he says. There is only a 1% chance he knows what he is talking about. Large OEM’s don’t have the support people trained to understand the issues.

    However, if you would be interested in calling back ask them about Part #: GL282-69001. That’s the Digital Cable Tuner.

  4. I finally bit the bullet and decided to get a machine from Velocity Micro. I decided that I will, after all, have use for the additional horsepower. 🙂

  5. Can’t you just order an ATI digital cable tuner from Velocity Micro and plug it in to your new HP PC using a USB connection? Since the HP is already certified for use with digital cable tuners, Media Center should easily accomodate the second tuner.

  6. That would work, and I’d thougt of that before. I came to the basic conclusion that it really wouldn’t benefit VM to sell just the tuners when they are also trying to push out full PC’s that are CableCARD-enabled (infact, the first ones to ship).

  7. This is such bullsh**. I’m so sick of being held hostage by the media companies. The only thing they are doing by not letting me buy a cablecard for my PC is ensure that I’ll just download for free everything I want and skip signing up for services I can’t watch at my leisure.

  8. Well, it certainly sounds like Velocity Micro must be making plenty of money on their systems if they are able to turn away business, even if the business is selling (only) a $300 digital cable tuner.

    From what I’ve read, Mr. Morley from VM feels they have a plentiful supply of tuners, and I’m sure they would be able to charge their standard markup on the product.

  9. Hey guys, we can’t sell the tuners to anyone who doesn’t have our DCT systems, sorry! We’d be breaking all kinds of rules and it does suck, I know – we would never want to turn down a customer.

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