KMS Software Bites the Dust

, makers of such products as Sudoku, World Trivia, Contacts,
Calendar, and MoreTV has been sold and the Media Center unit discounted (Via The Green Button).  KMS Software had been doing Media Center plug-ins
since 2004 and also published AndyC’s MoreTV application.  Sadly, it appears that any software issues or
activation/registration issues with any of KMS Software’s product will not be
addressed which pretty much means you are out of luck if you have any problems.

No word yet from Andy on what might become of future
versions of MoreTV.

3 thoughts on “KMS Software Bites the Dust

  1. True, I think it could show a few things and this very well could be one of them.

    That said, KMS was never really involved in the community. The community currently is your market. If you want to sell your product, that’s the first step IMHO.

    Of course, it doesn’t help to have great products that are always updated. KMS never really updated most of their products, and IIRC many of them said “Available Soon” in 2004 up to last month.

    I do applaud all those who put their free time into developing for Media Center (especially you Brain). I do my best to spread the word about new applications and for many developers reading this please don’t hesitate to contact me with information about your projects.

  2. very unfortunate…I was quite lucky to have met the folks from KMS at a number of mce events in London, and was one of their beta testers. Co-incidentally, I also managed to arrange Andy Cherry his first mce machine to do development on. Both of these guys gave it a very good attempt. Sad day indeed

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