Microsoft Goes For Deeper (Non)Integration

I guess it’s about time for my monthly look into Microsoft
ignoring their own platforms.

Microsoft’s new “Ignition
” will be help new and upcoming recording artists to reach tens of
millions of consumers on Zune Marketplace,, MSN entertainment
properties and the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. 
But don’t expect Media Center to get first rate access to this great new
program.  They include every platform
outside of Media Center, but not even a single mention of content within Media
Center.  That’s “Deeper
at work right there!

Mary Jo says Microsoft is about to enter the
.  Her sources say it might
include things like a “family calendar, recipe center, entertainment features
and a shared bulletin board”.  I wouldn’t
expect those “entertainment features” to include Media Center, because that
would good for the Media Center platform that is already in Windows Vista.  Clearly, Microsoft wouldn’t want to do
something like push their own platforms in new products.  That wouldn’t benefit them at all, right?

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Goes For Deeper (Non)Integration

  1. Chris,

    It is extremely dissapointing to see them ignore Media Center like that. But the problem is that Media Center will only get mainstream among enthusiasts. It is just not user friendly enough. Don’t get me wrong, inside Media Center is absolutely user friendly, but getting it running and maintained is far from it. (I love my Vista Media Center)

    Xbox and Zune etc are just easier for an average consumer to use and have running.

    Even is the cost of Media Center was the same as your average STB or STB DVR it would still not get a high penetration among average consumers. STBs just work without the user need to worry about it being a computer.

  2. Very true Travis. I’ve always said that Media Center will never be in every home, but you have to remember that outside of Windows itself this applies to everything. There will not be an Xbox in every home. There will not be the Microsoft Kitchen in every home. There will not be a Zune in every home. The standard cable/sat STB will rule the home, always.

    Even through Zune and Xbox 360 might seem like they are just easier, it doesn’t have to be that way. Microsoft made a few good moves with Media Center in Vista (like including MPEG-2 decoders) but at the same time screwed themselves by opening it up to a large audience who can’t just make it work.

    What I’m saying is, Microsoft can fix the problems with the platform if they want to. If they don’t want to, they might as well scrap the platform now. The sad thing also is that Media Center is in the same group as Zune and Xbox. Yet, Zune and Xbox get new features and all it would take to add them to Media Center is for them to create an MCML plug-in for them.

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