CableCARD Out At HP Again?

It’s been a long ride for CableCARD at HP in the last
month.  First they introduced the cheapest
CableCARD PCs at $1500
, then the
disappeared a week later
, reappeared
a week later
, and are now gone again.

Introduced May 9, disappeared May 19, reappeared May 26, and
disappeared June 9 again.  If anyone out
there at HP is reading, please let me know if it’s just a stock issue with the
Digital Cable Tuners.  Hard to suggest
anyone buying one if they keep going on the market on a weekly basis.  Oh, also let me know when you will be selling
extra Digital Cable Tuners to go with the single tuner system (Part # GL282-69001).

3 thoughts on “CableCARD Out At HP Again?

  1. Try as as anyone might, its near impossible to secure one of these tuners from the grips of HPs hands.
    I work in hp warranty repair and the item is never in stock. It is also listed as “non-orderable” for any reason what-so-ever.

    Even if I ever could order it… the steep price of $510 is a turn-off when the configured with a HP machine it only adds +$300

  2. I purchased one of these and received it ~7/6; when I started it up it sounded like a table saw (nice feature for a media PC) and I shut it down after ~1 minute as the sound got worse instead of better. I tried to exchange it with the exact same configuration and HP initially attempted to exchange it for one without the digital tuner which I caught when I checked the status online. When I contacted HP they said that they are not selling the digital tuner at this time (7/10) due to “problems with current configuration”. I sent the PC back for a refund.

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