Apple Disappoints Me Today

So, I basically have my credit card ready early today
pressing F5 on Engadget
to refresh their WWDC coverage
waiting for Steve Jobs to say something,
anything about the Mac mini or any other Mac hardware updates.  Several sites have reported that they think
it will be scraped, and I’ve been praying for the past month that Jobs would
either confirm the death or announce an upgrade to at dump it up to a Core 2
Duo.   And yet, Apple announced no new hardware or
hardware upgrades today!

The mini has been my ticket to get a Mac but because of it’s
weak specs I’ve yet to purchase one.  If
they end up killing the Mac mini (or effectively failing to upgrade it) I don’t
get to finally try out a Mac.  I have no
interest in a MacBook or MacBook Pro as my current Thinkpad X40 works just
great and my next upgrade is set to be a X61 Tablet (I hope).  I also have no interest in having another
monitor on my desk, so the iMac is out. 
And unless someone out there wants to donate some cash for me to get a
Mac (hint, hint) the Mac Pro at over $2,000 is a bit out of my price range.

So, should I start a donate for Chris to get a Mac campaign or
should Apple just upgrade the Mac mini?

6 thoughts on “Apple Disappoints Me Today

  1. Heh. I too was waiting to make a purchase. In my case, I wanted either an ultraportable or maybe some network-attached storage with their unannounced ZFS. At the very least, I thought we’d hear something about a revamped .Mac service. Weird.

  2. One thing is for sure, Apple can’t be everything to everyone, and every keynote can’t be spectacular.

    As for your personal disappointment, I agree. I just don’t understand why Apple won’t make a regular Mac. Sure the Mini has it’s uses, but the small form factor isn’t worth the sacrifice of a 2.5 hard disk. I have a first gen mini now, and while I like it, I don’t see myself buying another one.

  3. That’s true that Apple (or any company for that matter) can’t be everything to everyone, but as you noted this is not a odd request.

    I know Apple likes to think different here, but I just want a starter Mac. I have a laptop, and I have a LCD on my desk. I don’t need something to replace those, and the mini is the key.

    While Apple can’t be everything to everyone, they need to go on the lower end here to increase their marketshare.

  4. Wow, I thought I was the only one in the same predicament.

    I’ve already got a PC, and a tablet PC, so like you, the MacBooks and iMacs are out. I’m not interested in either anyway, because Apple doesn’t do tablet PCs and I like fiddling with the hardware innards of my PC. Mac Pros are out too due to cost, so its either the mini or no Mac at all, and I think as a developer, you’d be stupid to ignore the Mac platform.

    I don’t think they’re stupid enough to dump the mini; they’d either upgrade it, or dump it and intro a new but similar product, the Mac nano? 😛

  5. If you’re comfortable bloodying some knuckles (the Mini is _not_ easy to open), you could always get a used Mini and do the core duo upgrade – it’s a drop in CPU replacement (the CPU is not soldered in on the Mini). Googling found many how-to guides. You’re pretty much stuck with the small, slow notebook-profile drive unless you want to go solid state (I’m toying with the idea of using an 8gb CF card in mine, but I’m a freak that way).

  6. I just bought a MacBook Pro and I am loving it. I put Parallels on it so I can run my windows apps and it’s working out well. I am thinking about buying a mini as well.

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