Vacation to Fiji Held Up

Fiji, the
suspected codename for the next version/upgrade of Media Center
might be
held up by a lack of frequent flyer miles. 
The beta program, which many of
you may have registered for
isn’t exactly moving along.  The invites that were supposed to be sent
out on May 31th have gone no where fast. 
This leads me to think that the target ship date for Fiji is no where

Typically, a beta program for a product as large as Media
Center is going to last for at least eight months to a year, and depending on
the features included even longer.  As my
main feature predictions revolve around DIRECTV/Dish
support, and HD DVD playback/Managed Copy I expect the beta to be a long
one.  Getting something like DIRECTV
tuners working isn’t going to be easy, just look at the current problems with

Don’t expect Fiji this year. 
Don’t expect Fiji early next year. 
Based on water-cooler talk I‘ve heard, I wouldn’t expect to see it
released until around Q3-Q4 2008 which would bring the platform back to Sep/Oct
releases as has been customary since 2002. . 
Date is highly subject to change if things like DIRECTV support are to
be included.

Speaking of vacations, I’m has not been held up and I’m
leaving tomorrow for part of it. 
Blogging will be lite as Internet access will be too, but in the mean
time check out all the great Media Center blogs listed in my sidebar.  Don’t run to far though, more interesting
Media Center news and notes are never far away.

5 thoughts on “Vacation to Fiji Held Up

  1. Well fuck.

    I really want to get a vista cable card box, but I’m pissed off at comcast and would like fire their skanky, crappy dvr, next to no HD, high priced, asses.

    What I want though is have one, count them ONE box, and a couple front ends, and god dammit, to be able CHOOSE my provider. *sigh* I was really hopping that I could have a choice (without buying a new box every frigging time) between comcast/Dish/DTV… hell maybe even some of the IPTV players (do they support cable cards yet?) Man that would make me the worlds happiest consumer but I guess it’s just not in the cards any time soon.

    That fact that this situation exists at all shows a total and utter failure of both free market principals and regulatory bodies. There are just enough regulations to break any hope of new competition and not enough to force a market divide. And of course no support for consumer to have control or say so in their own homes anywhere to be seen. Goddam embarrassment.

    It just boggles my mind that this situation exists at all and shows among other things a real failure in the technological invocation department but clear that is because of the the closed nature of all the systems… still it seems like somebody should be cranking out a solution in asia that we could import :p.

    Bah. Back to waiting endlessly.

  2. I hope its not just USA stuff yet again Chris like you state !

    My understanding is that it is Europe based with MHEG support for digital interactive services on DVB-T, DVB-S support for free to air satellite.

    If its just US centric again, the product will be dead in the water, may as well pull out of Europe/Australia! Its been far too long waiting for these features as it is 2002-2007 !

    Lets see a cheap STB £25 ($13) has all the functionality that is required for TV….and a PVR costing (£100) ($53) also has the inteactive components…..

    I hope the centre in Eire wasn’t setup for nothing, as theyve supposed to be working on all this !

  3. It’s interesting that everyone keeps referring to Fiji as a Media Center update.

    As an MVP Chris I really thought your info would be better than this.

    On Campus Fiji is referred to as Vista +1 aka Service Pack 1.

    That’s how it’s been referred to in every meeting and with every person that I have talked to, so the question really is why are you posting sensationalist headlines with bad info?

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