Short Bits: Pika, Podcasts, CableCARD, Components Database, More

Anderson has a v2 Extender (Pika) prototype
that supports native DivX
decode.  Good thing that know that
someone is currently taking advantage of some of those formats I said
that Pika could support
.  Extenders
seem to be officially coming along.  Last
thing we really need to know, price points!

just bought a stake in a Sichuan Changhong Electric Co
, a Chinese TV
manufacturer.  Sounds to me like this
might be used for that Extender
TV I’ve also been talking about for a while

Be sure to add your system to the Media Center Components Database.  It growing nicely, and should provide help to
all those wanting to build a working Media Center PC.

Sling Media released SlingPlayer Mobile
for Windows Mobile 6
.  Sling Media
also announced Two
New SlingLink Powerline Ethernet Adapters

Be sure to check out my Vista
Media Center CableCARD FAQ
if you are in the market for a CableCARD PC.

Ian might have gone out on his own, but Michael Wolf of ABI
Research is picking back up the show for The Podcast Network.  In
his first show he interviews eHome VP Joe Belfiore

Back to Ian’s side of things, he has HiPe
PC- In Car PC Systems
and everyone’s favorite question answering machine, Jessica
of Microsoft.  Wow, that’s a lot
of podcasts to catch up on!

Microsoft has renamed their IPTV Platform, now dubbed MediaRoom.
 I don’t think will have an impact for a
few years still.  Bandwidth, bandwidth,

Looking for some more reading?  Let’s see, I’d suggest….

Aaron Stebner, Addicted to Digital Media (Sean
, CE Pro Weblog,
David Fleischman, Peter Near, Matt Goyer, Mavromatic, Ed Bott’s Media Central,
Furrygoat (Steve Makofsky), Ian Dixon, Marc Policani, The F-Stop Blues (Tim Coyle), RetroSight (Charlie Owen), Peter Rosser, Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection, Media Center Sandbox, Jason Tsang’s Blog, Media Center Pro (Magazine),
The Media Center Expert, mceworld, Amplioaudio (Gregg Plummer), BlogCaster (Caster Communications),
The HD DVD Insiders (Ben Waggoner), Big Screen Blog (Niall Ginsbourg),
FloppyHead, brains-N-brawn (Casey Chesnut), Babgvant’s Tools & Blog, Mike’s Digital Home,
Dennis Morgan MCX, Peoples Republic Of, Zatz Not Funny, The MCE
Developer Blog

Broke something?  Got
a Media Center question?  Check out The Green Button.

And of course, thanks to everyone who has kept me up on the latest news via e-mail! 

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